Painterly Happenstance

New Year, New Chapter, New Roads...

We recently welcomed our newest addition to our little home, Jamison Robert Tilton.  Weighing in at 8 lbs. and 1oz, born on the 18th of December at 12:43pm.  I can still feel the beautiful energy that filled the room at the birth center when my husband I worked together through all the labor pains.  Magical isn't a big enough word to adequately relay how amazing the experience truly was!  I wish I could bottle it up and share the love with everyone! 


Reflecting back on the past few months, being female, I have felt so many feels.  I believe all to be normal, of course. 




I desire my life to be full of peace-which I know is attainable.  Pondering on that..I wonder though, if I only have experienced a streamline of peace, would I be equipped to handle what life brings me?  If I never had the chance to encounter any of the wacky emotions listed above, would I know what  to do in a tough predicament?  The  list of contradicting emotions runs on, but I am full of gratitude for each one.  It proves that I am human, and that is a good spot to be.  I'm thankful for learning of the power of Gods Love, first.  Then for learning of the power of my thoughts and the ability to process so much.  Truly, it comes down to it being MIND over MATTER and coupled with FAITH in God to handle life's messes for me.  Thankful that I'm not on this journey alone and He is equipping me to be the best momma for my little ones

Day 30 of 30:

Day 30 of 30: "The only thing constant is change." ~Heraclitus

Well, hello there, Lovelies!


It's the final day for the Daily Love Lettering challenge and I must say it's bittersweet.  I have really enjoyed walking this journey and sharing my heart on marriage and personal growth.  At the same time I'm ready for my schedule to become a little lighter upon this completion!  Thank you for all your love and support and for walking along with me as I reflect on tid-bits of this first year of marriage.


"The only thing constant is change." ~Heraclitis


Pearl Bailey said it best when she shared, "You must change in order to survive."  You, my dear, are like a flowing river, constantly changing and evolving.  Just the same, your marriage is constantly evolving.  Be open to adjusting to marriage by learning and growing personally first and then also with your husband.  It all starts within, so get that right first and everything else will fall into place with your husband.  Set goals together, keep communication wide open, remain honest, and always keep your hearts pointed toward God and each other.  Adjust what is necessary.  Adjustment is what a good marriage is all about.  Just like the river, both of you are growing and changing almost every day and you must constantly make adjustments along the way to flow with each others changes in order to remain compatible.  Your bond will only grow stronger and stronger.  You're a team.  Your husband is on your side and you're in his corner, so work together to find ways to always be making peaceful progress forward.  This will open the door for peace to flood your heart, your soul and also your home.  It only keeps getting better and better from here!


I hope you've been encouraged on this journey with me.  My desire is for you to know that your husband is a blessing.  You are a blessing to your husband.  Your marriage is a light in both of your lives and it touches everyone around you.  Love each other deeply and conquer the world together!


Sending all of you lots of Love and Light,


Day 29 of 30:  You're so weird it's attractive.

Day 29 of 30: You're so weird it's attractive.

Hello, Lovelies!


Let's get weird!  Fun weird that is, not creepy weird, because that would be just...well...weird.  haha  Day 29 of the Daily Love Lettering challenge is about lightening up and letting loose.


You're so weird it's attractive.


Let your inner-oddness out.  Be off-your-rocker goofy.  Let loose and soak up all the light and fun moments you have to share with your husband.  Free all the desires to chase each other, dance together, snort-giggle at each others cheesy moves, skip, tickle, joke, snot-nosed-crying belly laugh and fly with gratitude together.  Forever cherish that you have been gifted your husband to brighten your world and to illuminate his!  God is so good, life is truly blessed and it only keeps getting better and better together.


I hope this encourages you to loosen up and to fully soak in this joyful time with your husband.  Know that each day you get to wake up next to him is another chance to enjoy each others weirdness.


Sending every one of you loads of Love and Light,


Day 28 of 30: Seek deeply to understand.

Day 28 of 30: Seek deeply to understand.

Hi there, Lovelies!


Strap on your pondering hat for Day 28 of the Daily Love Lettering challenge.  We want to think on how we can understand our husbands better in order to love and support them greater.


Seek deeply to understand.


Try to put yourself in your husbands shoes.  Look deeply in order to understand his needs, aspirations, and even his sufferings.  We all need love.  It brings us so much joy!  Be slower to speak and more attentive to soaking him in and learning about all aspects of him.  You'll be less apt for unnecessary knee-jerk reactions.  Instead, you will be positioning your heart to become more open-minded to alter what you can within yourself in order to love him better.  When you truly seek to understand your husband, you can't resist loving him even deeper!


I hope this encourages you to position yourself to learn what you can do to understand your husband better in order to love him deeper where he needs it the most.


Sending you so much Love and Light,


Day 27 of 30:  Speak life.

Day 27 of 30: Speak life.

Happy day to you, Lovelies!


Day 27 of the Daily Love Lettering challenge is all about the words you release from your mouth.  Vital for the love meter in your marriage.


Speak life.


"If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."  Ever heard that phrase growing up?  Well in a sense it's true.  No need to be constantly speaking negatively about anything on a regular basis.  In certain situations, you can be lovingly open and honest, there are indeed ways to do that without being a complete putz.  However, what about the content of your words during your day-to-day shenanigans?  What is coming out of your mouth on a regular basis when you two are milling about?  Your husband needs your kind words.  He needs your verbal support.  Shower words of life and encouragement over your husband.  Even if a situation seems bleak.  When you choose to speak words of life into your husband, you have no idea what dreams you could be unlocking.  Even the simplest, kind phrase could give him that pick-me-up that he needs to get through the day, to help him close that deal he's been slaving over, to nudge him closer to his dream, to spark confidence within him, etc.  Whatever the situation might be, let him know you're in his corner.  No. Matter. What. 


I hope this lifts your spirits and sparks energy within you to speak life over your husband.  You'll light up his world and infuse a go-getter essence into him!


Sending you all loads of Love and Light,


Day 26 of 30:  Honest hearts produce honest actions.

Day 26 of 30: Honest hearts produce honest actions.

Goood day, Lovelies!


I hope you're enjoying this journey with me thus far.  Day 26 of the Daily Love Lettering challenge focuses mostly on our personal honesty.  Something important to uphold to keep your marriage strong.


Honest hearts produce honest actions.


The most free person in the world is the one who has nothing to hide.  Always be honest and transparent.  Even if you think it might ruffle feathers.  You can be honest with your husband in the most loving of ways.  Remember, your husband is not your enemy.  He's your best friend.  He wants to know your heart and cares for what you care about.  Don't hide anything.  Don't withhold anything.  When you choose to not share the whole truth, it hinders your husband from knowing what he can pray for and what he can do to help.  Or, by not sharing the whole truth, it's creating a lie and causes resentment within your own heart that is unnecessary.  Show your husband you respect him by always being an open book about what you are thinking, feeling and about circumstances you are going through.  That will give him an open door to come in and sweep you off your feet and be the hero you know you married!  Truly, honesty is more important than feeling good all of the time.  The true feel-good stuff happens when you get the other stuff right.  To top it off, it helps you bond and strengthens your marriage.  That, Lovelies, makes it all worth it!


I hope these words encourage you to always be transparent with your husband about anything and everything.  This will bring you two so much closer together to be the power team God brought you together to be.


Sending you all lots of Love and Light,


Day 25 of 30:  Home is where love begins.

Day 25 of 30: Home is where love begins.

Happy day to you, Lovelies!


Day 25 of the Daily Love Lettering challenge is very near and dear to my heart.  It truly warms my soul.


Home is where love begins.


"If you want to change the world, go home and love your family."  A beautiful nugget of wisdom shared by Mother Theresa to those around her that she cared for .  She said it best.  Your capacity to love is birthed and nourished at home.  How you love your husband and children will overflow into your surroundings outside of your home.  So if you're wanting to conquer the world and change it for the better, start within your home.  Love your husband so fiercely and you'll both witness the best come out of you.  This will ripple and effect change in a positive direction all around you!


I hope you're encouraged to begin making a change in the world around you by sparking the flame of love within your home.  Enjoy every chance you get to show your love to your husband and children!


Sending each of you lots of Love and Light,


Day 24 of 30:  Let's mood the lights and steam it up right.

Day 24 of 30: Let's mood the lights and steam it up right.

Happy day to you Lovelies!


Day 24's prompt of the Daily Love Lettering challenge is a hot one!


Let's mood the lights and steam it up right.


Gasp!  Am I sharing this?!  YES!  I'm telling you to unlock your inhibitions and release your feminine prowess.  Don't be shy.  Steam up your sexy time together!  The more you give to your husband, the more you're lavished by his touch.  The love you create together is nourishing your marriage and strengthening your bond.  That's why it's so important to protect the sacred.  God made it special, just for you and your husband, to bring the two of you closer in a way that no one else will ever experience.  So hop to it!  Set the mood lighting and enjoy each other fully!


I hope this encourages you to step out of your comfort zone a little and steam the night up with your husband.  Have fun and experience the joy in deepening the bond between the two of you! 


Sending you all lots of Love and Light,


Day 23 of 30:  Sprinkle love around like confetti.

Day 23 of 30: Sprinkle love around like confetti.

Happy Morning, Lovelies!


Day 23's prompt for Daily Love Lettering is a light hearted one.  Enjoy!


Sprinkle love around like confetti.


Don't be bashful, go around spreading love to cover each room you enter.  Leave a blazing trail of it on every path you take.  Eventually, you'll look around and see that you're surrounded by love.   Apply the same effort to your home and your husband.  Soon you'll look around and see that your marriage is filled with love and it all started within you!


I hope this encourages you to sprinkle love around you everywhere you go.  A smile, a kind gesture, an encouraging word...however that looks to you.  Be generous and bless your husband and your home with your love!


Sending each of you lots of Love and Light,


Day 22 of 30:  I love you a little s'more every day!

Day 22 of 30: I love you a little s'more every day!

Happy Tuesday, Lovelies!


I know this is out of order since I'm a little behind, but today is Day 22 of the Daily Love Lettering challenge and I want to honor my husband since today is our actual anniversary and this prompt rings so true in my heart!  I truly do love my husband a little more each day!  This day's prompt is more about me glowing with love for my husband and sharing my heart with him.   :0)  I love every chance I get to speak praises over him!!


I love you a little s'more every day!


To my incredibly-handsome-uber-remarkable Husband,


Today marks the day that we have the honor to celebrate together our first beauty-FULL year of marriage!  At one time, I truly believed, and was at peace with it, that it was destined for my life to be just my daughter and I for the rest of my days.  So I committed to being the best mom I could be, to honoring God with my life and to enjoy it fully with my little one.  I believe God saw my heart and wanted to bless us with an incredible man to do life with.  God has a way of surprising me in the most wonderful of ways!  God is SO good!  After being through some situations that I have walked through, I had imagined the qualities and the type of man that I desired if I were to get married - but WOW!  I've continued to be blown away by you.  You are so much more remarkable than I could have fathomed!  Your character, your strength, your leadership, your integrity...blows my mind!  Your heart as a father swells my being with unending gratitude!  I truly fall deeper and deeper in love with you each day.  I've learned so much from you and I know we're learning so much together.  Your heart to set goals, to learn more and to grow together on this journey means SO much to me.  You truly show us your love in the way you live by investing your time, your energy, and your work in order to provide for us, to bless our home, and to put our relationship and our little family first.  These things never go unnoticed.  My heart swells with gratitude for all you do for us.  I see your heart, your hard work, your sacrifices, your dreams, your goals, your growth...and I know it's all to create a magnificent life for us.  You're the most selfless man that I know and I am so blessed to have the honor to call you my husband!  I pray that as the years go by that God will use me to bless you in the same way that you bless me and our little one daily.  The best part...this is just the beginning!  There are so many more years for us to enjoy together!!!  Truly, life only keeps getting better and better with you!  I love you with every microorganism in my being!


With all my love,

You're gushing-in-love-a-little-s'more-every-day Wife,


Day 21 of 30:  Protect the sacred.

Day 21 of 30: Protect the sacred.

Hello, Lovelies!


I hope this day is treating you well and that you are still enjoying this journey with me!  Day 21 of the Daily Love Lettering challenge has to do with protecting your marriage.  It's so vital to maintain the sacred relationship you have with your husband.


Protect the sacred.


Develop and maintain healthy boundaries around you and your husband when it comes to outside factors.  Don't allow unhealthy people or circumstances to be of influence that could potentially come between the two of you.  This can be difficult sometimes because certain people and circumstances can be hard to draw a line with because sometimes it's people that have been very close, such as friends, family, acquaintances you see every day, things you used to do that are not conducive for your marriage, etc.  However easy or hard it may be, it is so vital to surround yourself with honest people of like minds and goals and to put yourself in better circumstances to protect your marriage.  You and your husband are a unit now.  A dynamic duo.  Two peas in a pod.  A power team!  Always keep your hearts pointed toward God and toward one another...wide open to Him and to each other!  Protect your sacred relationship by keeping negative influences and mindsets out so that you can keep your marriage healthy to be able to continue to grow closer and closer together.  Not only will this strengthen your marriage, this will also create so much peace in your life!  It's not always easy, but it's worth it to create healthy boundaries to keep negative vibes, influences and mindsets away in order to protect the sacred, your marriage.  If there is a certain person or circumstance that keeps trying to come between you and your husband, then make sure your communication is clear between you and your husband so that you two are on the same page and that the two of you are handling it together.  You're worth it, your husband is worth it, your family is worth it, and your marriage is worth it!


I hope this encourages you to evaluate what you can filter out of your life in order to protect the sacred and to create more peace in your life!


Sending you each so much Love and Light,


Day 20 of 30:  Own your greatness.

Day 20 of 30: Own your greatness.

Happy day to you Lovelies!


I'm a little behind on the Daily Love Lettering challenge, eeps!  But for good reason!  My husband and I celebrated our anniversary this past weekend since our actual anniversary is during the week.  We had a little stay-cation and had some alone time so I was off for a few days.  Day 20's prompt has to do with investing in yourself and learning how to value your greatness.  Very important!


Own your greatness.


Don't let the stock in your greatness decline.  Don't lose yourself.  Make sure to invest in you and your dreams.  Keep pursuing what sets your soul on fire!  Continue to make time for yourself to achieve your dreams and goals.  My husband loves technology and has built his business around it.  Technology is something that makes him happy and he's continually learning and personally developing as he pursues to grow his business.  It lights him up, ignites more dreams in him, and motivates him!  I have a passion for art so I'm exploring that and investing time into growing my business by spending time creating.  It get's me excited!  This will energize you.  It will inspire you.  You have so much to offer this world, learn to own your greatness!  Doing so will develop you as a woman, a wife, a mom, and a friend.  In this process you will learn how to love your husband greater!  Investing in yourself begins paying dividends immediately, and for a long time to come.  It will boost your confidence, your optimism, your attitude and your effectiveness.  Experience the power of your greatness and it will enhance your marriage!


 Remember, you are filled with a type of greatness that this world needs...OWN. IT.  If you are developing personally and owning the value of your greatness, then you'll learn how to love your husband better in the process!  I hope you are uplifted by these words to pursue what sets your heart on fire and start to share your greatness with your husband!


Sending you each loads of Love and Light,


Day 19 of 30:  Love in how you live.

Day 19 of 30: Love in how you live.

Happy Saturday, Lovelies!


It actually feels like Fall!  I hope your warm on this chilly weekend.  Today's prompt for the Daily Love Lettering challenge is about loving through your natural state of living from day to day. 


Love in how you live.


Love is not something you find.  Love is in what you do, in how you live.  A rich, fulfilling love in your marriage cannot be neatly packaged & delivered to you.  It requires a little bit more than that.  The quality of love between you and your husband is created in your thoughts, actions, attitude, commitment, and integrity.  Its created by the way you treat your husband, by what you expect of yourself, and what you give to each moment.  The way you are and the things you do, how you live, what you speak and the faith that you activate will all determine how your love unfolds.  Within is where it all starts and it will spread like a ripple in a still, quiet pond.  In all you do, you want to express love.  When you love through how you live, it becomes such a part of your nature that no matter who encounters you, they will all walk away feeling lovingly touched by your presence.


I hope these words encourage you to emit love through your actions day by day, moment by moment.  You're a light to those around you, let your love shine brightly over them!


Sending you lots of Love and Light,


Day 18 of 30:  Soulful Trust.

Day 18 of 30: Soulful Trust.

Do you know what day it is?!  Yup, you guessed right....


It's FRIYAY!!!


I hope you have had a blessed week and are looking forward to a fantabulous weekend! We're 4 days away from our wedding anniversary on the 22nd!!!  My husband and I are going to celebrate this weekend with a little stay-cation!!  WOOT WOOT!  Today's prompt for the Daily Love Lettering challenge was just that...a little challenging for me, because I don't naturally trust anyone easily, but it's SOOOO vital for a healthy marriage. 


Soulful Trust.


Don't be deceived into thinking that by getting married you'll "feel" secure.  It's not about feeling secure, it's about learning to trust.  Working together to learn how to ride the same wave.  Open, honest communication.  Thankfully, something my husband and I have been very good at since we started dating.  I love that we talk about anything and everything!  Figuring out together how to develop a deeply rooted commitment to know your husband and to be known by your husband develops a deep, soulful trust.  You'll continue making progress in your marriage if you two continue to choose to always keep your heart's pointed toward God and to each other and learn to trust that where God is leading you is somewhere that is the best for both of you. 


Not holding anything back.


Hiding nothing.




Keep communication open and honest with your husband and the trust between you two will only keep getting stronger.  I hope you're uplifted by this and open up with your husband more to clear a path to greater trust.


Sending you all lots of Love and Light,


Day 17 of 30:  The grass is greener where you water it.

Day 17 of 30: The grass is greener where you water it.

Happy Thursday morning, Lovelies!


I'm sure today's prompt for Day 17 of the Daily Love Lettering challenge seems like a no-brainer, but it's so easy to forget that what we feed and tend to, flourishes.  


The grass is greener where you water it.


When you take care of your garden and give it the attention it needs, it grows by leaps and bounds.  If you want a beautiful garden and flower bed, you'll pay close attention to how it's coming up.  The same applies to your marriage.  As you invest your love into your marriage and give it the attention it needs (truly, what it deserves), it also flourishes!  If you want a healthy, long lasting marriage, you'll pay extra attention over it and give it meticulous care to make sure you're growing closer together and that you two are progressing in life.  Gardening is hard work, but it's so enjoyable and even more rewarding!  Enjoy and trust the gardening process :0)


I pray you're uber encouraged by these words of mine I have to share.  I want nothing more than for you to feel the life in them.  Work with your husband and have fun tending your marriage garden together!


Sending you each loads of Love and Light,


Day 16 of 30:  Relish this moment.

Day 16 of 30: Relish this moment.

Happy Hump Day my dears!


Today's prompt for the Daily Love Lettering challenge is about seeing the best in this moment and enjoying it, now.


Relish this moment.


Really think on the beauty of this moment.  You have a remarkable husband that adores you and will go to the ends of the earth to conquer dragons in order to keep you safe, provide for you and to make you happy!  Soak it all up while you can.  Freely give your husband love and gratefully accept it from him.  Honor each moment together.  Cherish your husband while you have this space of time with him.  Don't allow time to go by without praising your husband for how he honors you.  Life is too short to not acknowledge how blessed your marriage is.  Appreciate this moment now, together.


Please be lifted up by these words.  I hope this encourages you and your husband take a few minutes to relish this moment and to share your gratitude for all that you have together.


Sending you all loads of Love and Light,


Day 15 of 30: Don't let go.

Day 15 of 30: Don't let go.

Happy morning to you, Lovelies!


Today is terrific Tuesday of Day 15 for the Daily Love Lettering challenge!  Today's prompt is about not pushing out the love God brings into your life.


Don't let go.


Sometimes you find the right person at the wrong time.  Sometimes its the wrong person at the right time.  However, the moment will come when you find the right person, at the right time, and in the right situation, all because you're meant to be together.  God has grabbed both of your hands and placed them together and given you two favor.  He has an amazing purpose for the two of you together.  Don't. Let. Go.  Always cover your marriage in prayer and both always personally grow so that you two can learn to love each other better.  Hold onto the hand of God and to the hand of your husband and you twos will conquer your calling, together!  


Hold tight, starlight and be encouraged!  Remember to stay open to the Lord for when He brings the right person across your path, at just the right time.  When He hands that love to you, don't let go.


Sending you each lots of Love and Light,


Day 14 of 30:  Gods love binds.

Day 14 of 30: Gods love binds.

Top of the Mornin' to ya, Lovelies!


I'm wishing you a happy Monday and fabulous start to your week!  Today 's prompt for the Daily Love Lettering challenge is about how Gods love binds you and your husband together.


Gods love binds.


When I think of marriage, I think of a perfect team.  Always communicating and in sync progressing toward higher heights together.  My husband and I are a fabulous team.  We communicate about everything, we balance each other out and we keep life so exciting!  There's never a dull moment among us.  We're the best powerhouse, together.  However, you can't make a marriage last on just brownie points for good communication, helping around the house, taking care of your childs' homework...I think you get the point.  There's more to having a healthy marriage than marking things off on the "to-do" list or keeping things exciting.


My father taught me from a young age that who I marry is not just important to me, but is also very important to God.  He brings the right person into your life with a meaningful purpose in mind.  What God brings together, no one can break it apart.  He fuses them together.  If the two of you keep God in the center of your relationship and keep your hearts pointed toward one another then you will continue to become more and more solid in your love.  Filling your relationship with the love of God is the best quality ingredient for a healthy, long lasting marriage.  God will always be there to guide you two on your journey no matter what, because He wants you two to have a lasting, fulfilling marriage.  As you listen and follow His lead, He will continue to mold the two of you into the powerhouse you desire to be together.  It's truly beautiful!  


I hope this encourages you to always keep your heart pointed toward God and toward your husband.  If you two can do that, you'll be golden!


Sending you all a whole lot of Love and Light,


Day 13 of 30:  Love without attachment.

Day 13 of 30: Love without attachment.

Good day, Lovelies!


Today is going to be a beautiful Sunday!  I hope this weekend is treating you well.  Today's prompt of Daily Love Lettering has to do with loving someone enough to let them be free to be themselves and pursue what excites them.


Love without attachment.


When your husband shares ideas or a dream with you, support him.  Show him love by releasing him.  Allow him elbow room to invest some of his time to pursue that dream.  Don't suffocate your husband.    Lift him up and give him room as he works toward reaching goals to land where he wants to be in life.  Help him by giving him freedom to be himself and pursue what excites him!  Be his number one cheerleader and be involved with anything that you are capable of doing to get him there quicker.  The support you give with your words of encouragement and sacrifice of time will bring you more joy than you could imagine.  When you see him light up as he makes progress, even if it's baby steps, your heart will be filled with gratitude for this space of time.  Remember, you're a team.  You are in a very important position in his world.  You play a big roll in where he lands in life.  He needs your support and your release.  By being in his corner, you get a front row seat to watch him grow into the man and husband that God created him to be!  Believe me, with a wife that is willing to release him and is faithful to help keep his dreams fresh before him, your husband will grow by leaps and bounds and will make you and your children uber proud!


These words are from my heart and are meant to encourage you.  I truly hope that this lights up a spark of excitement within you to be your husbands biggest fan and hold down the fort in his corner.  Love him without attachment.  Cheer's to new adventures!


Sending all of you lots of Love and Light,


Day 12 of 30:  {Create} More Love and Less Drama.

Day 12 of 30: {Create} More Love and Less Drama.

Good morning, Lovelies!


In light of what is going on around us right now, I believe the prompt for Day 12 of Daily Love Lettering challenge is very timely. 


{Create} More Love and Less Drama.


Life has enough challenges.  Don't create more. When you have a choice between fighting and forgiving, forgive.  Sometimes circumstances don't happen the way you agreed upon, that's okay.  Center yourself and remind yourself that you have everything you need within you.  Draw from that peace to strengthen you and face a new direction.  Instead of looking for a fight, look for a peaceful way forward, together.  Don't allow circumstances to become bigger than they should.  Instead, nurture the love within you, because it all starts within.  Then start at home.  When you nurture the love within you, you'll become a better woman in order to love your husband the way God want's you to.  Your husband is your soulmate, not your enemy.  He desires to have a solid marriage just as you do.  Remember that God has a big plan for your lives to make a bigger impact, together, and it's going to be fun!  Hop to it and get creative with it!  Create more love between you and your husband and less drama!


I hope this encourages you to nurture the love within to help you create more love in and around you.  It will impact your marriage in a positive way and it will also impact those around you!


Sending all of you loads of Love and Light,