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Exploring Different Watercolors

Exploring Different Watercolors

Hello Lovelies!

Fun is the name of the game when testing out different brands and forms of watercolor, but I also know how daunting it can be.  Not everyone has the freedom to spend boo-coos of cash on items that just won’t mesh with your style of painting.  I’ve done a lot of testing myself and I still go back & forth between watercolor sets that I own.  It all depends on what type of painting I’m working on. 

In my exploration of using watercolors this year, I have found this article, “Watercolor Paint” by Thaneeya, to be the most helpful when researching different types of watercolors and their attributes.  If you’re a reader & researcher, like me, then I believe you’ll enjoy this information.  It’s very helpful to know more about what you’re getting into ahead of time than having to learn everything by trial & error. 

So…I’m sharing the love!  :0) 

Sending each of you lots of Love & Light,


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