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Day 11 of 30:  Love trumps fear.

Day 11 of 30: Love trumps fear.

Happy day, Lovelies!


It's FRIDAY!!!  A fabulous day indeed.  If you aren't already, smile big!  Remind yourself that you have everything you need within you to have true peace.  Which brings us to today's topic for Day 11 of the Daily Love Lettering challenge...


Love trumps fear.


Be so filled with confidence of the love between you and your husband and the love that is within you that fear has no place to take hold.  As a wife and a mom, it's so easy to let your mind wander and begin to entertain "what if" situations that don't even exist.  "What if one of us looses a job?"  "What if something horrible happens to my husband and I can never see him again?"  "What if he stops loving me or is unfaithful?"   "What if our child gets badly hurt and sent to the hospital?"  "What if our child gets her heart broken?" "What if I'm not good enough?"...I'm sure you get the point and I'm sure some of you get very creative with your thoughts on the "what if" path.  Any time you have a thought that starts with "What if...", mentally tell yourself to STOP.  Ask yourself, "What is true?" ...  "What is real?"  Look at the facts:  Remind yourself that your husband loves you uber lots and wants the best for you, always, and is committed to this journey with you until "Death do us part".  Remind yourself that you are perfect and whole the way God created you and how he equipped you, and that is enough, period.  Remind yourself that God has your family covered financially and will keep each of you safe.  Don't allow the "what if's" to trump the reality of "what is" here and now with your husband and your family.  Don't allow the drama of "what if's" to come between you and your husband.  Any moment when fear arises and a "What if" pops up in your mind, discuss it with your husband.  Open the door for him to help you walk through your thoughts and to assure you they are nonexistent.  Allow this to bring you two closer together and strengthen your marriage and solidify the bond of the love you have together.  A love that trumps fear.  Always.  Your husband wants you to share everything with him so he knows how he can pray for you, encourage you and support you.  He's your best cheerleader and comforter!


No matter what season of life you're in, I hope these words encourage you and give you hope.  Remind yourself of the pure love you have with your husband and allow that to trump any fear that arises within you.   Remember that God brought you together to go further in life and make a bigger impact.  It only keeps getting better and better!


Sending you each loads of Love and Light,


Day 10 of 30:  Sparkly Eyes & Giddy Squeals!

Day 10 of 30: Sparkly Eyes & Giddy Squeals!

Welcome, Lovelies!!


Today is a beautiful Thursday!  There is a beautiful sky, the Autumn air is crisp, there is breath in my lungs, and I have a remarkable man, an adorable little girl and a cute puppy by my side.  So many reasons to be full of gratitude.  Day 10 of the Daily Love Lettering challenge is loaded with light and fun!


Sparkly Eyes & Giddy Squeals!


The love you experience with your husband creates a glow in you.  You feel like your feet can't feel the ground and that you can conquer the impossible.  He lassos the moon and collects the stars for you every dayThe most successful marriages have two people that are selfless by lovingly encouraging and enabling one another to succeed.  You're filled with an undeniable giddiness when your soul knows that your husband truly wants to see you happy and successful.  The love that you two share sparks new wonder within you and truly inspires you.  New possibilities are opened up for greater achievement together.  Sparkly eyes are inevitable.  Embrace it and let it ignite your soul.  Let it shine out of your face like moonbeams! 


I hope you soak in these words and are inspired.  Don't be ashamed of showing off your sparkly eyes and your giddy squeals from the love and excitement between you and your husband. 


Sending you loads of Love and Light,


Day 9 of 30:  Love Abides.

Day 9 of 30: Love Abides.

Wishing each of you a happy Wednesday morning, Lovelies!


Today marks Day 9 of the Daily Love Lettering in November challenge and today's prompt is a warming one.  I hope you are enjoying this journey so far! 


Love Abides.


Throughout all of your life Love has accompanied you and resided with you.  It is real and present.  Through the fun, the tumultuous, the awkward, the magnificent times and everything in between.  Love is there within you.  It has shaped you into the person you are now.  Question is, what will you do with it?  Will you harbor it selfishly, or will you release it into your surroundings?  Even in reading this I'm sure the answer is a no-brainer.  Nurture it, then release it!  Pour it into every circumstance that is surrounding you.  Fill your home with it.  Wrap your husband with your love and he in turn will always be happy to wrap you up in his love.  That love forms you into one unit.  As time moves forward, it will continue to grow stronger and stronger because it is embedded among you, it's a part of who you and your husband are.  The love you two share is a love that will never fade and never be lost.  You're one heck of a dynamic duo!  So don't harbor your love, nurture it and share it and you know that your husband is doing the same.  Then be ready to accept his love and watch it continue to grow!  


I hope you are filled with joy and are encouraged to nurture the love that abides within you and to share that with your husband! 


Sending each of you loads of Love and Light,


Day 8 of 30:  Let Love take you over.

Day 8 of 30: Let Love take you over.

Goood morning, Lovelies!


Today is a BIG day for the United States, it's the Presidential Election day!  Cheer's to fresh leadership!  Also, today we are one day closer to my husband and I's wedding anniversary. YAY!  For Day 8 of the Daily Love Lettering November challenge it focuses on surrender.  Allowing love to overtake you.  Breathe in the love, exhale fresh life.


Let Love take you over.


When the right person knocks on your door and comes into your life, you'll know it.  Open that door wide!  Let love in.  Don't fight it.  You might have been  hurt before or even been the one breaking a heart and you might have felt a little bad for it.  That's all irrelevant now because it's in the past.  Many good lessons have been learned from those times so fill your heart with gratitude that you're no longer walking through those instances and release it all.  Remind yourself that this one is different.  You're matured and in a much better place in life.  Now, you're in a safe place to grow with someone and to truly do life together!  This one is someone that God has brought to you with a special purpose just for the two of you that you couldn't accomplish on your own. 


Embrace it. 

Own it. 

Feed it. 

Pamper it. 

Allow it to overtake you, fully.


Let Love take you over and you'll continue to fall deeper in love with your husband, daily.  You won't regret a moment of it!  I hope these words encourage you and help you to open your heart to allowing love to take you over.


Sending you loads of Love and Light,


Day 7 of 30: Choose Love Every Moment.

Day 7 of 30: Choose Love Every Moment.

Good morning, Lovelies!


I hope your Monday is starting off on the right foot to launch you into a blissful state!  Today is Day 7 of the Daily Love Lettering challenge and today's prompt focuses on our choices.  Every choice we make, great or small, trickles down to our husband and our children.


Choose Love Every Moment.


Love is a choice.  It's not just a euphoric feeling, because our feelings change from moment to moment depending on our circumstances.  Love is a commitment to choosing your husband.  Every moment of each day.  When you choose to marry your husband, you are making a lifelong commitment to love him in magical times and through hard times.  It's also a commitment to becoming a better wife, ultimately a better woman, in order to love him greater.  When you make the right choices, it will only keep getting better and better!


This is a lesson that my father has taught me since I was little.  I hope these words encourage you and guide you to Choose Love Every Moment!


Sending you all loads of Love and Light,


Day 6 of 30:

Day 6 of 30: "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much"

Happy Sunday-Funday, Lovelies!


Today is a beautiful Sunday afternoon here in Texas!  Fall has officially arrived!  Today marks the end of Daylight Savings Time so we got in an extra hour of snoozes edged into our schedule! #winning  I hope you are having a wonderful time on this journey with me so far.  Day 6 of Daily Love Lettering focuses on partnership.


"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."  ~Helen Keller


Meet my little family in the painting I did for today, from left to right: there is me (Cassie), my handsome husband (Marcus), our beautiful daughter (Nickelbug), and our furry daughter (Zoey).  A beautiful unit indeed!  


Whether your on your own due to circumstances or own your own out of stubbornness and trying to prove a point, we still need community and partnerships.  We still need help even if it is just guidance, an ear to listen to our rants, or someone to just laugh with.  I was on my own due to circumstances for a while, but God knew just what I needed even though I was doing okay alone.  He knew the potential I had within me and saw how much further I could get in life with the right person alongside me.  The lottery landed in my lap when He brought my husband into my life, at just the right moment.  My husband and I are a dynamic duo.  A perfect team.  We truly balance each other out so well.  Sure we would be successful on our own, apart from one another.  Together though, we are making a bigger impact in this space of time.  God knew what He was doing when He brought us together.  He's strong and sharp in areas that I'm not, and I'm capable and sharp in areas that he's not.  Goals are being reached quicker, dreams are coming true sooner, our daughter is being raised with a strong example of what a healthy, loving marriage exudes, and we are enjoying life so much more all together.  My husband and I truly desire for one another to be successful and fulfilled in everything we set our hands and minds to.  It brings me so much joy to encourage and support my husband and it brings him so much joy to encourage and support me and for us to see the other so happy in the process.  He is always willing to help me with anything that he is capable of doing that will launch me further into success.  Vice versa, I will always do what I am able to in order to help him jump further into success.  Truly, together we can do so much more!


I hope these words have warmed your heart and encourage you to get alongside your husband support your him in ways you know you're capable of doing.  


Sending each of you loads of Love and Light,




Day 5 of 30:  Don't rush something that you want to last a lifetime.

Day 5 of 30: Don't rush something that you want to last a lifetime.

Happy day to you, Lovelies!


Today is Day 5 of Daily Love Lettering and it is a good one to help challenge you to sloooow it down a few notches.  I know, much easier said than done sometimes, but so vital! 


Don't rush something that you want to last a lifetime.


When you really want something to last, you want it to be of phenomenal quality.  No one ever wants something that will deteriorate quickly.  Just as when you are creating a piece of art (Or, writing a song, a book, a proposal, a report, closing a sale...whatever line of work you're in or anything you are passionately working on, apply it to that), you want it to be perfect.  How do you make that happen?  You slow down and take your time, paying attention to the details.  Something in your being naturally forces you to set a slower pace so that you handle everything with extra care.  Once you are married, attempt to take the same approach.  When situations arise, no matter how trivial or monumental, try to handle the situation with your husband and with extra care, being as objective as possible.  Remind yourself that your husband wants the same solid marriage as you do.  Continue to keep your heart clear to reserve space for more love to come in, be generous with the love you pour out over your husband, and put forth extra attention within the details.  



Remember that it all starts within. 

Take a deep breathe. 

Slow down. 

Be still. 





I hope my soul-filled words nudge you to breathe in your husband's love deeply and encourages you to handle your marriage with extra care with him.  You're a power team, you're in this together and he's walking this journey alongside you.  :0)  Happy Saturday!


Sending you loads of Love and Light,





Day 4 of 30:  Love is translated in actions of generosity.

Day 4 of 30: Love is translated in actions of generosity.

Gooooooooooooood Morning, Lovelies!


Guess's FRIYAY!!!  Today is Day 4 of the Daily Love Lettering challenge!  I hope this day's prompt is an encouraging one for you to help kick-off your weekend positively.  I've really enjoyed everyone's participation and feedback the past few days.  I humbly thank each of you for being on this journey with me :0)


Love is translated in actions of generosity.


Let love harness your energy to uplift your husband.  When you do an internal assessment to clean out what gets you down, and allow more love into your heart, you naturally want to do more for your husband to support him, to help him and ease his stress.  Though, there may be some days when you may not feel like doing certain things for him...that's okay, it's normal.  Make the conscience choice to just doRemind yourself how fortunate you are to be able to generously take action, to make a difference, to get good work done and make progress in your relationship with your husband.  It might be something as simple as doing a load of laundry because you notice his sock supply is getting low (even if it is due to you using up his clean socks...insert big grin here).  Or, maybe it's something a little bigger, such as making his favorite lasagna that takes a special trip to Central Market, about 4 hours to prepare and then 4 additional hours to cook (yes, truly it takes that long!).  Or, something sweet and loving such as taking a day or two off of work so you can take care of him while he's sick.  Whatever it may be, it's a simple choice to make and an even bigger investment into your marriage.  In the process of these selfless, generous actions, you are lightening his load and personally growing into the wife God created you to be.  Let your sincere generosity actively illuminate your marriage!


I hope these pondering thoughts of mine have lifted you up to a fresh, new perspective on how your love can be translated through your generous actions.  No matter what space of time you are currently residing in, even the simplest actions can make your marriage brighter!   Happy Friday, Lovelies!


Sending you loads of Love and Light,



Day 3 of 30:  Give love away, and you will have even more.

Day 3 of 30: Give love away, and you will have even more.

 Top of the mornin' to ya, Lovelies!


Today is a beautiful Thursday, and love is brewing all the more for the Daily Love Lettering challenge! 


Give love away, and you will have even more.


This one kind of piggy-backs off of the prompt from yesterday.  Such an important one though to truly soak in!  When you give your love away to your husband, without expecting anything in return, it comes back to you.  Guaranteed.  You will be overflowing with fulfillment and at peace.  Continue loving, supporting, and cherishing your husband and you'll grow together in ways you didn't know were possible. 


In reading these words and pondering on the prompt today, I hope you are encouraged and motivated to love without expecting anything in return.  Enjoy the freedom in giving your love!


Sending each of you lots of Love and Light,




Day 2 of 30:  Extravagant Love is Never Wasted

Day 2 of 30: Extravagant Love is Never Wasted

Happy Wednesday, Lovelies!


I hope Day 2 of the November challenge in Daily Love Lettering finds you well!  Today is a fresh day for so many possibilities AND it's one day closer to my husband and I's first wedding anniversary!  :0) 


"Extravagant love is never wasted." ~Bob Goff~


Loving someone is the best investment you can make.  Essentially, it will bless you more than it does the person you are showering your love upon.  When you are genuinely guided by love in your actions and when you invest your purest love into your marriage (into your husband) your heart will be filled with light beyond measure!  Love him selflessly and happily without expecting anything in return.  Love him extravagantly and you'll see your relationship bloom!  Your investment will not return void.  :0)


I hope these words encourage you and help you.  No matter where you are on your journey, you're not alone.


Sending each of you lots of Love and Light,



Day 1 of 30:  Make room for Love and you will be flooded with joy!

Day 1 of 30: Make room for Love and you will be flooded with joy!

Good morning, Lovelies!


I'm so thrilled, today is Day 1 of the November challenge for Daily Love Lettering!  This month will be filled with days of uplifting and motivational prompts to help open your hearts to make room for more Love in your life and in your marriage and circumstances.  I hope that what I have to share each day encourages you on your journey.


Make room for Love and you will be flooded with joy.


A question I asked myself when coming up with today's prompt was:  How can your life be filled with love if that love has no room to reside?  Something I will always need a reminder of:  What you make room for is what you will be filled with.  Take a look inside you and decipher what needs to be cleared out to make more room for what will fulfill you and your marriage.  Clean out anger and spite.  Release the worry and anxiety.  Allow resentment and envy to dissolve.  Leave discouragement behind.  This will refresh your outlook on life and revive your relationship.  Today do a mini-assessment on yourself to reflect on your life and how you process circumstances.  Find what it is inside of you that is keeping you down or holding you back personally.  To nurture your marriage, it starts inside you.  Do some internal housekeeping and make plenty of room for love, joy, happiness and peace. 


I hope this encourages you and helps you on your journey, no matter what stage of life you are in.  Happy Tuesday, Lovelies!


Sending each one of you lots of Love and Light,



Special Invitation Just for You, Lovelies

Special Invitation Just for You, Lovelies

Hello Lovelies!


I have been out of touch the last few months while working on a project and then quickly ramping up on a near and oh-so-dear-to-my-heart project that I am honored to share with you here and now…


Are you ready for it?!?!?!


This November is my husband and I’s one year wedding anniversary, yay us!!! November 22nd to be exact. To honor this beautiful occasion, I introduce to you my very first-time-ever brush lettering monthly challenge!!  I have decided to title it “Daily Love Lettering” which will have either a fun, simple, deep, or even puzzling phrase to be painted up, graphic embellished, glass blown, chalked, embossed, video spun, brush lettered, glazed up, or whatever your creative force is, each day by this lovely, artistic community.  Truly, no matter what your choice of medium, it will be uber magical! 


Reminiscing on this past year, I really wanted an opportunity to share some things that I’ve soaked up, discovered, experienced, unearthed about myself, and moments I’ve relished in hopes to encourage anyone who is currently participating on the journey of marriage or are open to partaking on this journey.  So I thought it would be a perfect time subject for my first monthly challenge.  Marriage is so magnificent and so rewarding.  I wouldn't trade it for anything!  Don't fret if you're not on the same page as I am, we're all on different paths and in different places in life so all I ask is for you to walk with me and enjoying the phrases and interpret them in your own way.  Each day I’ll share my soulful pondering for the phrase I have chosen.  Some of them are things I’ve learned by experience, some from observation of my friends who are married, some from my foundation of faith in my relationship with God, and some are just simple reflections of a love-guided wife and mom.  Getting to share my heart and soul behind the phrases and quotes chosen for each day of the month of November is purely me putting my heart in a glass box to hopefully encourage and inspire others on this journey, so be gentle and don’t judge.  We’re all in this space of time for growth…we will always be learning and evolving! The daily phrases could mean the same thing to you as it does me, it may mean something completely different, OR it may mean nothing at all. All of those translations are perfectly okay!


Please celebrate with me by joining the Daily Love Lettering challenge for the month of November.  Feel free to paint them up every day, or just pick and choose the days as your schedule opens time for it.  Make sure to tag me, @tinkertilton, and to use #dailylovelettering for chances to be featured for that day’s phrase!  I will feature 4-6 people each day. :0)


November is going to be a beautiFULL month!  Gratitude fills my being to know I’m not on this journey alone and that I can share my heart with this community!  Looking forward to celebrating with every one of you in November!


Sending all of you loads of Love & Light,



Exploring Different Watercolors

Exploring Different Watercolors

Hello Lovelies!

Fun is the name of the game when testing out different brands and forms of watercolor, but I also know how daunting it can be.  Not everyone has the freedom to spend boo-coos of cash on items that just won’t mesh with your style of painting.  I’ve done a lot of testing myself and I still go back & forth between watercolor sets that I own.  It all depends on what type of painting I’m working on. 

In my exploration of using watercolors this year, I have found this article, “Watercolor Paint” by Thaneeya, to be the most helpful when researching different types of watercolors and their attributes.  If you’re a reader & researcher, like me, then I believe you’ll enjoy this information.  It’s very helpful to know more about what you’re getting into ahead of time than having to learn everything by trial & error. 

So…I’m sharing the love!  :0) 

Sending each of you lots of Love & Light,


Welcome Lovelies!

I’m full of gratitude that you’re here!  I’m uber delighted and so honored that you would take a moment of your time to peek into my world.  I hope you enjoy perusing my works of art and are inspired!

So as to sustain an air of mystery about myself, I will share just a few facts to introduce you to my world :0)  My name is Cassie Tilton, I am a full-time employee by day and an aspiring artist by night and weekend.  My husband is the most remarkable man in the history of EVER and our beautiful little girl is the light of our lives!  With growing up around the arts, I have tried so many different mediums that it’s taken me years to find what I enjoy.  I love it all.  Truly!  It boggles my mind how a person can create something phenomenal out of scratch and it all comes from their imagination and how they perceive the world coming together!  It fascinates me!       

Over the past year of exploring watercolor and sharing my artwork with friends and family, I have received many inquiries as to where prints could be purchased and I didn’t have a place to direct them to.  So…eureka!  Here we are!  With uber loads of help from my fantabulous husband, we have Tinker Tilton to share with you :O)  With lots of late nights over the past several months we have collaborated and worked so hard together to make this happen.  This is truly a gigantic milestone for me!  I hope that what I share on this beautiful journey I am experiencing inspires you and encourages you to work toward your dreams.  

So…over the next weeks?  Months?  Years?  I will use this magical spot to write out tips, tricks and deep thoughts that I have about life, painting, hand lettering and this fabulous creative journey that I have embarked upon.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send them my way, or feel free to just drop a line and say, Hello!   :0)

Thank you so much for joining my world!!

Sending you lots of Love & Light,

Cassie D. Tilton