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Current Collection:

Painterly Happenstance

Coming Soon!

The current collection is underway and being created as you read this!  Feel free to subscribe to receive updates for when the collection will be released and available for purchase.  When you subscribe you will also be given exclusive access to view and claim "first dibs!" to purchase pieces before they are released to the public!  

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The Creative Space

As an artist, there are some cardinal elements to the environment that are vital for me to have a productive creative flow.  A bright, well-lit space that is free of clutter, with an open table-top work area, and a wide space to dance around any piece I'm working on.  All together, these elements help me to explore every angle of what I'm trying to convey through the artwork.  Feeling it all in my bones, I hope to pass that elation along to the onlooker.  

Light, white, and peaceful are the ingredients needed for my ideal spot to thrive!

The Details

Realizing my style of painting after the past several years of practicing, I have continued to have a love-hate relationship with it.  No matter how hard I've tried to venture into other looser brush styles just to create paintings quicker, my heart is always pulled back to the tiniest of details.  From the distant landscape to the magnified tiny creatures, I've truly taken pleasure in the infinitesimal strokes that bring each spec of the artwork to life.  



As you have probably deduced, my heart is filled with the beauty of Gods creations.  From the expansively scaled sky to the smallest air-breathing arthropods that the eye has a hard time seeing at first glance; to me they are all entrancing!  Getting outdoors and fully immersed in the heart of nature truly pulls passions from every corner of my being...or, maybe I'm just nuts.  Either way, the grip is there and calls to me daily as I dive into those places while using photos I've taken for reference to help me blanket my canvases with all the love God has to offer.

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