Can I change the color of my art print? 

All of the colors that are offered are included in the listing for the art print.  At this time, I am unable to accommodate custom requests for changing print colors.

What are your favorite brushes for hand lettering? 

There's not a specific brand I love, but I typically stick with watercolor brushes between sizes 0 - 2.

Do you take requests for custom artwork?

At this time I am unable to take requests for custom work.  I absolutely love working on custom projects, however I have been blessedly busy with freelancing to accept new work.  

I emailed you two days ago and haven't heard back. What's the deal? 

We try really hard to reply to all emails within 48 hours, but sometimes things get the best of us. If you're a current client, your email is at the top of the queue – we'll be responding as soon as we can.  If you've sent a new inquiry and haven't heard back after a week, please email again!  We might have missed you on accident, but we definitely want to chat! Promise.


What type of paper, inks and printer do you use?

We produce gallery level prints on fine art papers with a cotton or alpa-cellulose base, which means prints are archival and conservation grade. They are produced utilizing an inkjet process known as giclee printing. We use Canon Lucia inks which have been rated as more archival than even our previously used Epson Ultra Chrome inks. Because we use a 12 ink color system, prints will have an extremely wide color gamut which means incredible accuracy in printing.  It will look and feel very close to the original!   

Why are your shipping and handling costs higher than other stores?

There are a lot of factors that go into the S&H aspect of my products, including the prices of high-quality sturdy mailers, protective cellophane sleeves, gas to & fro the post office, and time spent packaging your order(s) with care!

I'd love to collaborate! Now what? 

We'd love that too!  We love collaborating with other artists and makers for various events. Can't wait to brainstorm!  Say Hello!