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Day 1 of 30: Make room for Love and you will be flooded with joy!

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Good morning, Lovelies!

I'm so thrilled, today is Day 1 of the November challenge for Daily Love Lettering! This month will be filled with days of uplifting and motivational prompts to help open your hearts to make room for more Love in your life and in your marriage and circumstances. I hope that what I have to share each day encourages you on your journey.

Make room for Love and you will be flooded with joy.

A question I asked myself when coming up with today's prompt was: How can your life be filled with love if that love has no room to reside? Something I will always need a reminder of: What you make room for is what you will be filled with. Take a look inside you and decipher what needs to be cleared out to make more room for what will fulfill you and your marriage. Clean out anger and spite. Release the worry and anxiety. Allow resentment and envy to dissolve. Leave discouragement behind. This will refresh your outlook on life and revive your relationship. Today do a mini-assessment on yourself to reflect on your life and how you process circumstances. Find what it is inside of you that is keeping you down or holding you back personally. To nurture your marriage, it starts inside you. Do some internal housekeeping and make plenty of room for love, joy, happiness and peace.

I hope this encourages you and helps you on your journey, no matter what stage of life you are in. Happy Tuesday, Lovelies!

Sending each one of you lots of Love and Light,



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