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Day 10 of 30: Sparkly Eyes & Giddy Squeals!

Brush lettering encouraging quotes with @tinkertilton

Welcome, Lovelies!!

Today is a beautiful Thursday! There is a beautiful sky, the Autumn air is crisp, there is breath in my lungs, and I have a remarkable man, an adorable little girl and a cute puppy by my side. So many reasons to be full of gratitude. Day 10 of the Daily Love Lettering challenge is loaded with light and fun!

Sparkly Eyes & Giddy Squeals!

The love you experience with your husband creates a glow in you. You feel like your feet can't feel the ground and that you can conquer the impossible. He lassos the moon and collects the stars for you every day! The most successful marriages have two people that are selfless by lovingly encouraging and enabling one another to succeed. You're filled with an undeniable giddiness when your soul knows that your husband truly wants to see you happy and successful. The love that you two share sparks new wonder within you and truly inspires you. New possibilities are opened up for greater achievement together. Sparkly eyes are inevitable. Embrace it and let it ignite your soul. Let it shine out of your face like moonbeams!

I hope you soak in these words and are inspired. Don't be ashamed of showing off your sparkly eyes and your giddy squeals from the love and excitement between you and your husband.

Sending you loads of Love and Light,



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