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Day 11 of 30: Love trumps fear

Brush lettering encouraging quotes with @tinkertilton

Happy day, Lovelies!

It's FRIDAY!!! A fabulous day indeed. If you aren't already, smile big! Remind yourself that you have everything you need within you to have true peace. Which brings us to today's topic for Day 11 of the Daily Love Lettering challenge...

Love trumps fear.

Be so filled with confidence of the love between you and your husband and the love that is within you that fear has no place to take hold. As a wife and a mom, it's so easy to let your mind wander and begin to entertain "what if" situations that don't even exist. "What if one of us looses a job?" "What if something horrible happens to my husband and I can never see him again?" "What if he stops loving me or is unfaithful?" "What if our child gets badly hurt and sent to the hospital?" "What if our child gets her heart broken?" "What if I'm not good enough?"...I'm sure you get the point and I'm sure some of you get very creative with your thoughts on the "what if" path. Any time you have a thought that starts with "What if...", mentally tell yourself to STOP. Ask yourself, "What is true?" ... "What is real?" Look at the facts: Remind yourself that your husband loves you uber lots and wants the best for you, always, and is committed to this journey with you until "Death do us part". Remind yourself that you are perfect and whole the way God created you and how he equipped you, and that is enough, period. Remind yourself that God has your family covered financially and will keep each of you safe. Don't allow the "what if's" to trump the reality of "what is" here and now with your husband and your family. Don't allow the drama of "what if's" to come between you and your husband. Any moment when fear arises and a "What if" pops up in your mind, discuss it with your husband. Open the door for him to help you walk through your thoughts and to assure you they are nonexistent. Allow this to bring you two closer together and strengthen your marriage and solidify the bond of the love you have together. A love that trumps fear. Always. Your husband wants you to share everything with him so he knows how he can pray for you, encourage you and support you. He's your best cheerleader and comforter!

No matter what season of life you're in, I hope these words encourage you and give you hope. Remind yourself of the pure love you have with your husband and allow that to trump any fear that arises within you. Remember that God brought you together to go further in life and make a bigger impact. It only keeps getting better and better!

Sending you each loads of Love and Light,



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