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Day 12 of 30: {Create} More Love and Less Drama

Brush lettering encouraging quotes with @tinkertilton

Good morning, Lovelies!

In light of what is going on around us right now, I believe the prompt for Day 12 of Daily Love Lettering challenge is very timely.

{Create} More Love and Less Drama.

Life has enough challenges. Don't create more. When you have a choice between fighting and forgiving, forgive. Sometimes circumstances don't happen the way you agreed upon, that's okay. Center yourself and remind yourself that you have everything you need within you. Draw from that peace to strengthen you and face a new direction. Instead of looking for a fight, look for a peaceful way forward, together. Don't allow circumstances to become bigger than they should. Instead, nurture the love within you, because it all starts within. Then start at home. When you nurture the love within you, you'll become a better woman in order to love your husband the way God want's you to. Your husband is your soulmate, not your enemy. He desires to have a solid marriage just as you do. Remember that God has a big plan for your lives to make a bigger impact, together, and it's going to be fun! Hop to it and get creative with it! Create more love between you and your husband and less drama!

I hope this encourages you to nurture the love within to help you create more love in and around you. It will impact your marriage in a positive way and it will also impact those around you!

Sending all of you loads of Love and Light,



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