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Day 13 of 30: Love without attachment

Brush lettering encouraging quotes with @tinkertilton

Good day, Lovelies!

Today is going to be a beautiful Sunday! I hope this weekend is treating you well. Today's prompt of Daily Love Lettering has to do with loving someone enough to let them be free to be themselves and pursue what excites them.

Love without attachment.

When your husband shares ideas or a dream with you, support him. Show him love by releasing him. Allow him elbow room to invest some of his time to pursue that dream. Don't suffocate your husband. Lift him up and give him room as he works toward reaching goals to land where he wants to be in life. Help him by giving him freedom to be himself and pursue what excites him! Be his number one cheerleader and be involved with anything that you are capable of doing to get him there quicker. The support you give with your words of encouragement and sacrifice of time will bring you more joy than you could imagine. When you see him light up as he makes progress, even if it's baby steps, your heart will be filled with gratitude for this space of time. Remember, you're a team. You are in a very important position in his world. You play a big roll in where he lands in life. He needs your support and your release. By being in his corner, you get a front row seat to watch him grow into the man and husband that God created him to be! Believe me, with a wife that is willing to release him and is faithful to help keep his dreams fresh before him, your husband will grow by leaps and bounds and will make you and your children uber proud!

These words are from my heart and are meant to encourage you. I truly hope that this lights up a spark of excitement within you to be your husbands biggest fan and hold down the fort in his corner. Love him without attachment. Cheer's to new adventures!

Sending all of you lots of Love and Light,



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