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Day 14 of 30: Gods love binds

Brush lettering encouraging quotes with @tinkertilton

Top of the Mornin' to ya, Lovelies!

I'm wishing you a happy Monday and fabulous start to your week! Today 's prompt for the Daily Love Lettering challenge is about how Gods love binds you and your husband together.

Gods love binds.

When I think of marriage, I think of a perfect team. Always communicating and in sync progressing toward higher heights together. My husband and I are a fabulous team. We communicate about everything, we balance each other out and we keep life so exciting! There's never a dull moment among us. We're the best powerhouse, together. However, you can't make a marriage last on just brownie points for good communication, helping around the house, taking care of your childs' homework...I think you get the point. There's more to having a healthy marriage than marking things off on the "to-do" list or keeping things exciting.

My father taught me from a young age that who I marry is not just important to me, but is also very important to God. He brings the right person into your life with a meaningful purpose in mind. What God brings together, no one can break it apart. He fuses them together. If the two of you keep God in the center of your relationship and keep your hearts pointed toward one another then you will continue to become more and more solid in your love. Filling your relationship with the love of God is the best quality ingredient for a healthy, long lasting marriage. God will always be there to guide you two on your journey no matter what, because He wants you two to have a lasting, fulfilling marriage. As you listen and follow His lead, He will continue to mold the two of you into the powerhouse you desire to be together. It's truly beautiful!

I hope this encourages you to always keep your heart pointed toward God and toward your husband. If you two can do that, you'll be golden!

Sending you all a whole lot of Love and Light,



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