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Day 18 of 30: Soulful Trust

Brush lettering encouraging quotes with @tinkertilton

Do you know what day it is?! Yup, you guessed right....

It's FRIYAY!!!

I hope you have had a blessed week and are looking forward to a fantabulous weekend! We're 4 days away from our wedding anniversary on the 22nd!!! My husband and I are going to celebrate this weekend with a little stay-cation!! WOOT WOOT! Today's prompt for the Daily Love Lettering challenge was just that...a little challenging for me, because I don't naturally trust anyone easily, but it's SOOOO vital for a healthy marriage.

Soulful Trust.

Don't be deceived into thinking that by getting married you'll "feel" secure. It's not about feeling secure, it's about learning to trust. Working together to learn how to ride the same wave. Open, honest communication. Thankfully, something my husband and I have been very good at since we started dating. I love that we talk about anything and everything! Figuring out together how to develop a deeply rooted commitment to know your husband and to be known by your husband develops a deep, soulful trust. You'll continue making progress in your marriage if you two continue to choose to always keep your heart's pointed toward God and to each other and learn to trust that where God is leading you is somewhere that is the best for both of you.

Not holding anything back.

Hiding nothing.


Keep communication open and honest with your husband and the trust between you two will only keep getting stronger. I hope you're uplifted by this and open up with your husband more to clear a path to greater trust.

Sending you all lots of Love and Light,



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