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Day 19 of 30: Love in how you live

Brush lettering encouraging quotes with @tinkertilton

Happy Saturday, Lovelies!

It actually feels like Fall! I hope your warm on this chilly weekend. Today's prompt for the Daily Love Lettering challenge is about loving through your natural state of living from day to day.

Love in how you live.

Love is not something you find. Love is in what you do, in how you live. A rich, fulfilling love in your marriage cannot be neatly packaged & delivered to you. It requires a little bit more than that. The quality of love between you and your husband is created in your thoughts, actions, attitude, commitment, and integrity. Its created by the way you treat your husband, by what you expect of yourself, and what you give to each moment. The way you are and the things you do, how you live, what you speak and the faith that you activate will all determine how your love unfolds. Within is where it all starts and it will spread like a ripple in a still, quiet pond. In all you do, you want to express love. When you love through how you live, it becomes such a part of your nature that no matter who encounters you, they will all walk away feeling lovingly touched by your presence.

I hope these words encourage you to emit love through your actions day by day, moment by moment. You're a light to those around you, let your love shine brightly over them!

Sending you lots of Love and Light,



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