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Day 20 of 30: Own your greatness

Brush lettering encouraging quotes with @tinkertilton

Happy day to you Lovelies!

I'm a little behind on the Daily Love Lettering challenge, eeps! But for good reason! My husband and I celebrated our anniversary this past weekend since our actual anniversary is during the week. We had a little stay-cation and had some alone time so I was off for a few days. Day 20's prompt has to do with investing in yourself and learning how to value your greatness. Very important!

Own your greatness.

Don't let the stock in your greatness decline. Don't lose yourself. Make sure to invest in you and your dreams. Keep pursuing what sets your soul on fire! Continue to make time for yourself to achieve your dreams and goals. My husband lovestechnology and has built his business around it. Technology is something that makes him happy and he's continually learning and personally developing as he pursues to grow his business. It lights him up, ignites more dreams in him, and motivates him! I have a passion for art so I'm exploring that and investing time into growing my business by spending time creating. It get's me excited! This will energize you. It will inspire you. You have so much to offer this world, learn to own your greatness! Doing so will develop you as a woman, a wife, a mom, and a friend. In this process you will learn how to love your husband greater! Investing in yourself begins paying dividends immediately, and for a long time to come. It will boost your confidence, your optimism, your attitude and your effectiveness. Experience the power of your greatness and it will enhance your marriage!

Remember, you are filled with a type of greatness that this world needs...OWN. IT. If you are developing personally and owning the value of your greatness, then you'll learn how to love your husband better in the process! I hope you are uplifted by these words to pursue what sets your heart on fire and start to share your greatness with your husband!

Sending you each loads of Love and Light,



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