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Day 22 of 30: I love you a little s'more every day

Brush lettering encouraging quotes with @tinkertilton

Happy Tuesday, Lovelies!

I know this is out of order since I'm a little behind, but today is Day 22 of the Daily Love Lettering challenge and I want to honor my husband since today is our actual anniversary and this prompt rings so true in my heart! I truly do love my husband a little more each day! This day's prompt is more about me glowing with love for my husband and sharing my heart with him. :0) I love every chance I get to speak praises over him!!

I love you a little s'more every day!

To my incredibly-handsome-uber-remarkable Husband,

Today marks the day that we have the honor to celebrate together our first beauty-FULL year of marriage! At one time, I truly believed, and was at peace with it, that it was destined for my life to be just my daughter and I for the rest of my days. So I committed to being the best mom I could be, to honoring God with my life and to enjoy it fully with my little one. I believe God saw my heart and wanted to bless us with an incredible man to do life with. God has a way of surprising me in the most wonderful of ways! God is SO good! After being through some situations that I have walked through, I had imagined the qualities and the type of man that I desired if I were to get married - but WOW! I've continued to be blown away by you. You are so much more remarkable than I could have fathomed! Your character, your strength, your leadership, your integrity...blows my mind! Your heart as a father swells my being with unending gratitude! I truly fall deeper and deeper in love with you each day. I've learned so much from you and I know we're learning so much together. Your heart to set goals, to learn more and to grow together on this journey means SO much to me. You truly show us your love in the way you live by investing your time, your energy, and your work in order to provide for us, to bless our home, and to put our relationship and our little family first. These things never go unnoticed. My heart swells with gratitude for all you do for us. I see your heart, your hard work, your sacrifices, your dreams, your goals, your growth...and I know it's all to create a magnificent life for us. You're the most selfless man that I know and I am so blessed to have the honor to call you my husband! I pray that as the years go by that God will use me to bless you in the same way that you bless me and our little one daily. The best part...this is just the beginning! There are so many more years for us to enjoy together!!! Truly, life only keeps getting better and better with you! I love you with every microorganism in my being!

With all my love,

You're gushing-in-love-a-little-s'more-every-day Wife,



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