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Day 23 of 30: Sprinkle love around like confetti

Brush lettering encouraging quotes with @tinkertilton

Happy Morning, Lovelies!

Day 23's prompt for Daily Love Lettering is a light hearted one. Enjoy!

Sprinkle love around like confetti.

Don't be bashful, go around spreading love to cover each room you enter. Leave a blazing trail of it on every path you take. Eventually, you'll look around and see that you're surrounded by love. Apply the same effort to your home and your husband. Soon you'll look around and see that your marriage is filled with love and it all started within you!

I hope this encourages you to sprinkle love around you everywhere you go. A smile, a kind gesture, an encouraging word...however that looks to you. Be generous and bless your husband and your home with your love!

Sending each of you lots of Love and Light,



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