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Day 26 of 30: Honest hearts produce honest actions

Brush lettering encouraging quotes with @tinkertilton

Goood day, Lovelies!

I hope you're enjoying this journey with me thus far. Day 26 of the Daily Love Letteringchallenge focuses mostly on our personal honesty. Something important to uphold to keep your marriage strong.

Honest hearts produce honest actions.

The most free person in the world is the one who has nothing to hide. Always be honest and transparent. Even if you think it might ruffle feathers. You can be honest with your husband in the most loving of ways. Remember, your husband is not your enemy. He's your best friend. He wants to know your heart and cares for what you care about. Don't hide anything. Don't withhold anything. When you choose to not share the whole truth, it hinders your husband from knowing what he can pray for and what he can do to help. Or, by not sharing the whole truth, it's creating a lie and causes resentment within your own heart that is unnecessary. Show your husband you respect him by always being an open book about what you are thinking, feeling and about circumstances you are going through. That will give him an open door to come in and sweep you off your feet and be the hero you know you married! Truly, honesty is more important than feeling good all of the time. The true feel-good stuff happens when you get the other stuff right. To top it off, it helps you bond and strengthens your marriage. That, Lovelies, makes it all worth it!

I hope these words encourage you to always be transparent with your husband about anything and everything. This will bring you two so much closer together to be the power team God brought you together to be.

Sending you all lots of Love and Light,



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