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Day 28 of 30: Seek deeply to understand

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Hi there, Lovelies!

Strap on your pondering hat for Day 28 of the Daily Love Lettering challenge. We want to think on how we can understand our husbands better in order to love and support them greater.

Seek deeply to understand.

Try to put yourself in your husbands shoes. Look deeply in order to understand his needs, aspirations, and even his sufferings. We all need love. It brings us so much joy! Be slower to speak and more attentive to soaking him in and learning about all aspects of him. You'll be less apt for unnecessary knee-jerk reactions. Instead, you will be positioning your heart to become more open-minded to alter what you can within yourself in order to love him better. When you truly seek to understand your husband, you can't resist loving him even deeper!

I hope this encourages you to position yourself to learn what you can do to understand your husband better in order to love him deeper where he needs it the most.

Sending you so much Love and Light,



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