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Day 29 of 30: You're so weird it's attractive

Brush lettering encouraging quotes with @tinkertilton

Hello, Lovelies!

Let's get weird! Fun weird that is, not creepy weird, because that would be just...well...weird. haha Day 29 of the Daily Love Lettering challenge is about lightening up and letting loose.

You're so weird it's attractive.

Let your inner-oddness out. Be off-your-rocker goofy. Let loose and soak up all the light and fun moments you have to share with your husband. Free all the desires to chase each other, dance together, snort-giggle at each others cheesy moves, skip, tickle, joke, snot-nosed-crying belly laugh and fly with gratitude together. Forever cherish that you have been gifted your husband to brighten your world and to illuminate his! God is so good, life is truly blessed and it only keeps getting better and better together.

I hope this encourages you to loosen up and to fully soak in this joyful time with your husband. Know that each day you get to wake up next to him is another chance to enjoy each others weirdness.

Sending every one of you loads of Love and Light,



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