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Day 4 of 30: Love is translated in actions of generosity

Brush lettering encouraging quotes with @tinkertilton

Gooooooooooooood Morning, Lovelies!

Guess's FRIYAY!!! Today is Day 4 of the Daily Love Lettering challenge! I hope this day's prompt is an encouraging one for you to help kick-off your weekend positively. I've really enjoyed everyone's participation and feedback the past few days. I humbly thank each of you for being on this journey with me :0)

Love is translated in actions of generosity.

Let love harness your energy to uplift your husband. When you do an internal assessment to clean out what gets you down, and allow more love into your heart, you naturally want to do more for your husband to support him, to help him and ease his stress. Though, there may be some days when you may not feel like doing certain things for him...that's okay, it's normal. Make the conscience choice to just do. Remind yourself how fortunate you are to be able to generously take action, to make a difference, to get good work done and make progress in your relationship with your husband. It might be something as simple as doing a load of laundry because you notice his sock supply is getting low (even if it is due to you using up his clean socks...insert big grin here). Or, maybe it's something a little bigger, such as making his favorite lasagna that takes a special trip to Central Market, about 4 hours to prepare and then 4 additional hours to cook (yes, truly it takes that long!). Or, something sweet and loving such as taking a day or two off of work so you can take care of him while he's sick. Whatever it may be, it's a simple choice to make and an even bigger investment into your marriage. In the process of these selfless, generous actions, you are lightening his load and personally growing into the wife God created you to be. Let your sincere generosity actively illuminate your marriage!

I hope these pondering thoughts of mine have lifted you up to a fresh, new perspective on how your love can be translated through your generous actions. No matter what space of time you are currently residing in, even the simplest actions can make your marriage brighter! Happy Friday, Lovelies!

Sending you loads of Love and Light,



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