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Day 5 of 30: Don't rush something that you want to last a lifetime

Brush lettering encouraging quotes with @tinkertilton

Happy day to you, Lovelies!

Today is Day 5 of Daily Love Lettering and it is a good one to help challenge you to sloooow it down a few notches. I know, much easier said than done sometimes, but so vital!

Don't rush something that you want to last a lifetime.

When you really want something to last, you want it to be of phenomenal quality. No one ever wants something that will deteriorate quickly. Just as when you are creating a piece of art (Or, writing a song, a book, a proposal, a report, closing a sale...whatever line of work you're in or anything you are passionately working on, apply it to that), you want it to be perfect. How do you make that happen? You slow down and take your time, paying attention to the details. Something in your being naturally forces you to set a slower pace so that you handle everything with extra care. Once you are married, attempt to take the same approach. When situations arise, no matter how trivial or monumental, try to handle the situation with your husband and with extra care, being as objective as possible. Remind yourself that your husband wants the same solid marriage as you do. Continue to keep your heart clear to reserve space for more love to come in, be generous with the love you pour out over your husband, and put forth extra attention within the details.


Remember that it all starts within.

Take a deep breathe.

Slow down.

Be still.




I hope my soul-filled words nudge you to breathe in your husband's love deeply and encourages you to handle your marriage with extra care with him. You're a power team, you're in this together and he's walking this journey alongside you. :0) Happy Saturday!

Sending you loads of Love and Light,


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