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Day 9 of 30: Love Abides

Brush lettering encouraging quotes with @tinkertilton

Wishing each of you a happy Wednesday morning, Lovelies!

Today marks Day 9 of the Daily Love Lettering in November challenge and today's prompt is a warming one. I hope you are enjoying this journey so far!

Love Abides.

Throughout all of your life Love has accompanied you and resided with you. It is real and present. Through the fun, the tumultuous, the awkward, the magnificent times and everything in between. Love is there within you. It has shaped you into the person you are now. Question is, what will you do with it? Will you harbor it selfishly, or will you release it into your surroundings? Even in reading this I'm sure the answer is a no-brainer. Nurture it, then release it! Pour it into every circumstance that is surrounding you. Fill your home with it. Wrap your husband with your love and he in turn will always be happy to wrap you up in his love. That love forms you into one unit. As time moves forward, it will continue to grow stronger and stronger because it is embedded among you, it's a part of who you and your husband are. The love you two share is a love that will never fade and never be lost. You're one heck of a dynamic duo! So don't harbor your love, nurture it and share it and you know that your husband is doing the same. Then be ready to accept his love and watch it continue to grow!

I hope you are filled with joy and are encouraged to nurture the love that abides within you and to share that with your husband!

Sending each of you loads of Love and Light,



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