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Self-Worth & Gratitude

Beautiful young woman enjoying a glass of white wine on a lovely Saturday.
Just me, enjoying a glass of wine

People will always come and go from your life and that is a-okay. The love you tap into within yourself to give will always come back to bless you and what isn't meant for you will move along. Keep loving. No. Matter. What. Your worth should never be tied to others opinions of you or their level of involvement with you. Choose you. Every day. Don't allow bad hiccups that pop up on your path to stop you from owning how amazing you are. To the ones who hurt you - love them more. To the fake ones - smile at them more often. To the manipulative ones - smother them with kindness. Give your love, without attachment to any outcome and continue on your way. Be you and continue to be you - even when someone speaks against you. Don't allow anyone else's issues and judgements to impede the call God has on your life. Correct what you need to, but then move on. Look deep within you and you will find an overflowing well filled with worth greater than all the gold that every bank or home in the world could put together.

Don't change at all. Fall in love with who you are, just as you are. I could get lost in this. Don't ever sell yourself out for affection, attention, status, to fit in, nothing! Keep to the foundation of who you are. No. Matter. What. Release love into all you do, into everything you set your hands and mind to. Keep gratitude prominent in your heart and the universe will be at your fingertips. Speak kind words over yourself daily: I am mindful and stunning and loving and sharp and kind and compassionate and uber passionate about life and love and ALL they have to offer. The bad, the good, the ugly, the upsidedown, the beautiful, and everything in between. Forever be true to your truths of who you are and always be filled with awe and gratitude for all you've accomplished to now. This moment has been gifted to you, so don't steal the joy of this moment by being so focused on the past, which is done and gone, or on future happenings that don't exist yet, nor are they guaranteed. Build yourself up regularly by speaking life over yourself. Cover your daily plans with words that move you into positive action. Something I tell myself and now my children on a regular basis: God made you on purpose, with a purpose, for a purpose. When He created the world, He already had you created in His mind, living in this very moment. Whew! That's powerful if you really think about it. Knowing that means that I'm worth a lot. You are too. All the love and worth you desire is already within you. Fall in love with yourself, just as you are, and don't change for anyone. Ever.

Sending each of you loads of Love and Light,


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