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Special Invitation Just for You, Lovelies

Daily Lettering Challenge, Brush Lettering Challenge, Painting Challenge.

Hello Lovelies!

I have been out of touch the last few months while working on a project and then quickly ramping up on a near and oh-so-dear-to-my-heart project that I am honored to share with you here and now…

Are you ready for it?!?!?!

This November is my husband and I’s one year wedding anniversary, yay us!!! November 22nd to be exact. To honor this beautiful occasion, I introduce to you my very first-time-ever brush lettering monthly challenge!! I have decided to title it “Daily Love Lettering” which will have either a fun, simple, deep, or even puzzling phrase to be painted up, graphic embellished, glass blown, chalked, embossed, video spun, brush lettered, glazed up, or whatever your creative force is, each day by this lovely, artistic community. Truly, no matter what your choice of medium, it will be uber magical!

Reminiscing on this past year, I really wanted an opportunity to share some things that I’ve soaked up, discovered, experienced, unearthed about myself, and moments I’ve relished in hopes to encourage anyone who is currently participating on the journey of marriage or are open to partaking on this journey. So I thought it would be a perfect time subject for my first monthly challenge. Marriage is so magnificent and so rewarding. I wouldn't trade it for anything! Don't fret if you're not on the same page as I am, we're all on different paths and in different places in life so all I ask is for you to walk with me and enjoying the phrases and interpret them in your own way. Each day I’ll share my soulful pondering for the phrase I have chosen. Some of them are things I’ve learned by experience, some from observation of my friends who are married, some from my foundation of faith in my relationship with God, and some are just simple reflections of a love-guided wife and mom. Getting to share my heart and soul behind the phrases and quotes chosen for each day of the month of November is purely me putting my heart in a glass box to hopefully encourage and inspire others on this journey, so be gentle and don’t judge. We’re all in this space of time for growth…we will always be learning and evolving! The daily phrases could mean the same thing to you as it does me, it may mean something completely different, OR it may mean nothing at all. All of those translations are perfectly okay!

Please celebrate with me by joining the Daily Love Lettering challenge for the month of November. Feel free to paint them up every day, or just pick and choose the days as your schedule opens time for it. Make sure to tag me, @tinkertilton, and to use #dailylovelettering for chances to be featured for that day’s phrase! I will feature 4-6 people each day. :0)

November is going to be a beautiFULL month! Gratitude fills my being to know I’m not on this journey alone and that I can share my heart with this community! Looking forward to celebrating with every one of you in November!

Sending all of you loads of Love & Light,



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