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Feeding My Whole Self

Photo of a bible open on a table with a plant in the background to feed my mind
the Bible, in all it's glory

Your diet is not only what you eat. It's what you watch, what you listen to, what you read, the people you hang around. Be mindful of the things you put into your body emotionally, spiritually, and physically. ~Unknown

This quote above has always stuck in my mind ever since I first saw it several years ago. So much truth is packed into this one tiny paragraph. It is a nugget of wisdom that every person on the face of the Earth should be required to memorize and keep rooted in their heart to call forth whenever they are facing a decision to make. Whether I am faced with life choices or simple, daily routine choices, I call this to mind in order to choose smarter options that feed my mind and my soul. Trying to do better to be mindful of everything my being intakes. Keeping this fresh before me so that the choices I make daily will improve the temperament of my home and will influence how my children make choices in their future in a positive manner.

Start by asking easy, short questions that are super helpful, such as: Is what I'm watching helping me to grow? The show or movie or TikTok short that I'm zoning out to, is it lifting up my soul? Or, breaking down my spirit with negativity? The music that is playing in the background, is it speaking life over me? Or, is it clanging noise with crude lyrics that poorly impact my peace? The people I allow in my inner circle, are they people that are like-minded and promote personal betterment to grow and thrive? Or, are they the type of people that invest in a friendship only if they gain more in return? Do they focus on their definition of other peoples shortcomings and on the never ending list of non-existent "what-if's" that hinder themselves and those around them, including me, from being their best self? The workout I'm setting out to complete, is it going to meet the needs of my body and make me feel fulfilled and energized? Or, is it more stressful and creating anxiety? There are so many variations of these questions that can be tweaked per the person or the circumstance. What is most important is finding what, who, and how to apply changes when necessary in order to find what is best for you to flourish in life. Feeding your mind, soul, and being to create balance is important. Forming a "diet" that enriches your life (mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically) instead of stripping it of joy and purpose is vital for you to thrive. You are created for a great purpose, and you are the only one to carry out that purpose.

For me personally, reading books, blogs, and magazines that teach me how to value every moment of learning and growth are more beneficial than focusing on what I don't understand. I'm making it a point to set small daily goals of choosing better music to sing over me, choosing people of like-mind to speak into my heart, choosing to start my day with yoga and meditation on Gods truths to set my mind on the right tone for the day, and choosing to eat clean-sourced foods to energize me to fully live each out each moment. By doing so, I'm setting an example for my children to follow. Walking out what I speak of. They get to see it set into motion, live and impromptu. Do I nail it every time I give it a go? No. I'm human. I make mistakes. In my humanness my children get to learn forgiveness and grace in real time.

If you are a parent, one BIG, easy question to ask yourself: Would I want my children to be influenced by any of the above that I might be partaking in? The answer to that question is very personal and the answer will help you to put things into perspective so you can make positive changes. What's wonderful is that you get to determine the changes needed and the pace at which you set them into motion. There is no rush. Be encouraged! It will only keep getting better and better as you journey on.

Sending you each loads of Love and Light,


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