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Pregnant woman taking a selfie of her baby bump before giving birth to her son.
My baby bump, 4 days before giving birth to our son in December 2017

Sitting here on the corner of happy and awesome, thinking on how good God is and I'm so full of gratitude for all that I'm blessed with. Today marks 5 years since the first day I officially became a homemaker and stay-at-home momma! Something I've always dreamed of and truly desired. Reflecting on that day that I started fresh and released all the situations and people that used to pull me down, suppressed me and held me back and embarking on my new journey.





On that day, I had made the leap and chose to reconnect with what satisfies my soul and didn't look back. Gods love, peace, and covering. Art. Plants. Yoga. Home. My husband. My children. Books. Learning. Growth. Writing. I have so much to be thankful for. So much joy within me to pour into others. Each day I wake-up and I am filled with so much excitement because I know the day is going to be full of great things. Taking care of my home and my kids is exceptionally rewarding. A mantra I speak over myself and family regularly: I am worthy of all the good that life has to offer. Created and meant for greatness. Deserving a life overflowing with good things! Every person who has a great life used Love to achieve it whether they believe it or not. The power of Love gains us all the positive and good things in life. That's where it all starts: with Love. Prentice Mulford shared:

"Love is an element which though physically unseen is as real as air or water. It is an acting, living, moving moves in waves and currents like those of the ocean."

This quote helps remind me of the power of Love and the strength it has to move me into a positive direction. Sometimes, much like this day 5 years ago, making a change of scenery is necessary in order to create more space for that Love to be able to move through you and take residence in your heart and home. Grateful doesn't even cover a sliver of what my heart feels when reflecting on the choices my husband and I have made together to usher us here today.

If you're stuck and are being held back by circumstances or people, take a look at what changes you can make to get you to where you want to be. It doesn't need to be as drastic of a change as what I made at the time I became a homemaker. Start small. Look at your daily routines and see what small changes you can make to tweak your habits. This will help propel you in the right direction. Maybe it's as simple as changing the people you're surrounded by. Are you around people that talk down to you, or to those around you, and treat others with disdain and speak negatively all the time? Ditch them. Find people of like-mind that will speak life over you and others and even themselves! Choose your friends wisely, for you become who you hang around with. Is your job holding you back? Find another avenue to be in an environment where you can grow and thrive. Set small goals to get you there, wherever "there" may be. These are just examples to ponder. Every person is different and their circumstances are different. Just be open to make changes and create some extra space for Love to come in and direct you. You'll gain so much peace! Might be uncomfortable for a bit at first, anything different can be, but it's worth it.

Sending you each loads of Love and Light,


Lovely family photo in front of fireplace adorned with Christmas decor and their cute Aussie-Corgi dog
These beings fill my heart with Love and Light

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