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Welcome Lovelies!

I’m full of gratitude that you’re here! I’m uber delighted and so honored that you would take a moment of your time to peek into my world. I hope you enjoy perusing my works of art and are inspired!

So as to sustain an air of mystery about myself, I will share just a few facts to introduce you to my world :0) My name is Cassie Tilton, I am a full-time employee by day and an aspiring artist by night and weekend. My husband is the most remarkable man in the history of EVER and our beautiful little girl is the light of our lives! With growing up around the arts, I have tried so many different mediums that it’s taken me years to find what I enjoy. I love it all. Truly! It boggles my mind how a person can create something phenomenal out of scratch and it all comes from their imagination and how they perceive the world coming together! It fascinates me!

Over the past year of exploring watercolor and sharing my artwork with friends and family, I have received many inquiries as to where prints could be purchased and I didn’t have a place to direct them to. So…eureka! Here we are! With uber loads of help from my fantabulous husband, we have Tinker Tilton to share with you :O) With lots of late nights over the past several months we have collaborated and worked so hard together to make this happen. This is truly a gigantic milestone for me! I hope that what I share on this beautiful journey I am experiencing inspires you and encourages you to work toward your dreams.

So…over the next weeks? Months? Years? I will use this magical spot to write out tips, tricks and deep thoughts that I have about life, painting, hand lettering and this fabulous creative journey that I have embarked upon.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send them my way, or feel free to just drop a line and say, Hello! :0)

Thank you so much for joining my world!!

Sending you lots of Love & Light,

Cassie D. Tilton


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