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People Watching, Clock Stopping

Delicious latte served in a ceramic mug with the encouraging quote saying, "Don't Forget to be Awesome".
Delicious message at a local coffee shop

Right now, I'm sitting at a local café, shop really, and taking a few minutes to allow my creative juices to flow. Breathing deep. Soaking in the atmosphere. Art is not just displayed on a canvas. Words create art too. There's the art of the spoken word, the art of creative writing, fine art with words embedded in them, theatre scripts, screenplays, etc. You get the point-words are used in many forms of art. To loosen up and refresh my mind, sometimes I enjoy just sitting still and people watching; stopping the clock for a brief space of this time I have on Earth. Interpreting through my imagination what might be. More times than not, it's probably all wrong, but that's not the point. It's a fun exercise if you need to change things up a bit to get inspired! Sometimes what comes to mind has nothing to do with my surroundings either, it's a "free-time" excersize to get out of your comfort zone and just flow. Literally just write what comes to mind for a couple minutes, or longer, whatever works best for you.

Here goes...

Sometimes there is so much excitement whirling around inside of me that I want to burst out in joy and jump up and down and yell and flap my arms around like a little kid waking up to a bazillion presents under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

At lease once a day, deeply observe the ordinary.

So as I'm sitting here in the café, excuse shop, while taking a tiny break in the day, I see there is a pretty bookworm directly across from me who looks to be studying intently while racing both of her heels simultaneously up and down so fast. I bet her seat vibrates from the motions. To the right, caddy-corner of her, there's a couple sitting to my left...well, more like a first date of some sort....older fellow, balding and looks to be nervous as hell trying to remain eye-to-eye with a vivacious young vixen who is confidently flaunting her charm (a knowing charm...heartbreaker, maybe). Every now and again his eyes wander over her. OH, he just got caught! haha. Another lone, earthy guy busily working on his laptop pounding on the keys in an agressive sort of manner. He just might have lost a wad of cash when Bitcoin dipped. Or, perhaps he stumbled upon the solution to global warming and is putting together a presentation for the presidents of some of the leading climate activist groups. A couple thespians to my right a few chairs down are loudly discussing controversial parts of their current project, a theatrical script. Working on character development and language diction, I think. Really though, they are being very dramatic about it! So intense. The young barista keeps giving a thumbs-up to every person in greeting. Taking all this in while Jason Mraz's sweet voice massages my eardrums. No better place to be right now. Only thing missing is my sweet, handsome husband for some good eye candy for my eyes to take in. That would be the cherry on top of a beautiful, creative break. I'll let you interpret that how you'd like to ;0). The End.

Annnnd, there you have it! Gibberish. Sometimes it makes sense, and most times it doesn't. Either way, you win! Getting out of your normal routine and stopping the clock for a few moments to observe can spark more creativity than you otherwise wouldn't imagine if you stayed in your normal rut. Live a little and look outside of yourself for a short span. A couple minutes. It's that easy. There's so much available to you, all you need to do is shake things up a bit.

Sending you each loads of Love and Light,


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