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Overlanding Adventures Begin Now

Beautiful Photo on our Family Overlanding Trip of Sexton Pond in the middle of Angelina National Forest in the great state of Texas
Angelina National Forest

This was our first official overlanding trip and it was an unforgettable experience! Such a huge success that we are embarking on our next adventure right after Christmas to bring in the new year!. The kids did fantastic traveling in the car and never complained once about anything, AT ALL, the entire trip. They were both so immersed in the forest and allll the beauty and fun she had to offer. The peace that the solitude of the forest embraced us with was pure magic. Every corner was absolutely breathtaking. Stunning! I was able to play with the camera my husband gifted me last Christmas and got multitudes of phenomenal reference photos for future paintings.

If you ever get a chance to get outdoors and camp, I not only recommend it, I EMPHATICALLY encourage it. There's nothing like being in the middle of hundreds of thousands of acres covered by all the pine trees you could dream of that make up any forest. Only sounds that can be heard are from all the creatures that call it home and the winds blowing through the trees shaking the leaves to trickle down around you. Smelling the fresh scent of pine as it hugs you is intoxicating.

Setting up camp to live in the midst of the magical pine trees that create Angelina National Forest, is a memory we will never forget. From watching the little creepy-crawlies to feeling the fish that nibbled our toes all the way up to the sway of the tip-tops of the largest trees we've ever seen...the mesh of all these natural elements had us speechless and elated to be one with it all!

Memories to be cherished for our lifetimes have been documented and memorialized already. All four of us are still on cloud-nine from how amazing our time in the great outdoors was together. Looking forward to many, many more! Our littles are already eager to get on the road and explore another spec of Earth. Building upon that, we are already making notes of where to visit in the future. Life is fleeting. The time is now. We don't want to waste it.

These are just a handful of moments we documented on our trip. The rest are for our enjoyment and saved for us to treasure for our lifetimes. Hopefully you can schedule a special trip for yourself, with your family, or with special friends to create memories of your own. Heat, cold, rain, or's worth it!

Sending each of you loads of Love & Light,


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